Micro Smart

The perfect single surgery team.

A semi-wet suction system with variable speed suction for one surgery. It is our most powerful suction system yet for a single surgery, and offers many advantages over anything previously available.

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Turbo Smart 2V

The first direct replacement for any wet-ring system.

Suitable for up to 5 surgeries producing 300mbar negative pressure and capable of running continuously

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Large Centralised Systems

Specialists in large centralised system.

Cattani provides vacuum solutions for hospitals, large health centres, university faculties and teaching facilities. We supply both off-the-shelf products and bespoke systems.

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Oil-Less Compressors

Air Compressor for Single Surgery

For a single surgery, we recommend the Cattani Single Cylinder Compressor, which can be supplied with or without dryer, and noise reduction options.

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Air Compressor for Multiple Surgery

A range of 2, 3 and 6 cylinder, twin or triple head compressors to suit any scale and performance that the practices require.

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Compressors for Large Installations

A tailored compressed  air system for clinics with over twenty surgeries.  Blok-Jet comprises of a series of six-cylinder compressor motors, the number of which is determined by the individual requirements.

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About Us
  • With roots firmly planted in
  • Parma, Italy Cattani have brought the best of Italian
  • engineering and craftsmanship
  • to the world for over four decades.
  • Cattani Africa provide a professional, rapid and
  • reliable after-sales service
  • for all Cattani suction systems and compressors.
Our Products
  • Cattani manufactures reliable, easy to use and environmentally astute technology solutions for the dental, medical and industrial field.